Prestige Court Reporting, Inc.

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"The level of service at Prestige Court Reporting is fantastic. Having been a client for many years, I am consistently impressed by the timeliness and accuracy of transcripts along with the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with."

Charles H. Vaughn, Esquire

“I appreciate the professional, accurate and prompt services I receive from Prestige. Whether it is a difficult public hearing before an elected body or a routine deposition, I can always count on Prestige to provide prompt and accurate transcripts. Thank you for always being there when we need a professional reporter.”

Denise A. Dymond Lyn, Esquire

"You always accommodate our needs and produce accurate transcripts at reasonable prices in a timely manner."

James A. Neal, Jr., Esquire

"The court reporters at Prestige Court Reporting offer services that are unrivaled in our region. I’m impressed with their consistent quality and promptness in delivering transcripts along with the fact that they’re available on short notice. Carole Rogers, Lana Brannan, and the rest of the staff are professional and personable; a joy to work with."

BJ Williams, ExecutiveAssistant

Citrus Memorial Health System

"I cannot say enough about how professional, prompt and reliable Prestige has been with all of my court reporting requests. I have used them for over 15 years and they are excellent."

Jeannette M. Haag, Esquire